May 05, 2024   It was great to have Daryl Townsend along with our brothers from the Transition Houses in Middleburg join us for worship. Daryl offered a great sermon.  It is always a pleasure to have them join us. We had a potluck and great fellowship after services.


November 05 2023  Food, Fun, Fellowship:

July 30, 2023 was another special day for the Anthony congregation, as Daryl Townsend and his wife Missy joined us for worship, along with several men from the Transition Houses in Middleburg, plus a few men who have “graduated” from the program and are now living productive, Godly lives.

Daryl used the Bible study hour to give a brief history of his work and to thank us for our ongoing support of both he and the men who benefit from being taught the truth of the scriptures and how to live in a right relationship with God. During the worship service, Clint Williams and Ken Hawthorne presided over the Lord’s Supper and then Robert McConnell  delivered an excellent sermon. After worship everybody gathered at the home of Richard & Kathy Bartholomew for a potluck and ongoing fellowship. It’s truly a blessing that we at Anthony are able to partner in such a worthwhile and beneficial work.

If you are interested in learning more about this wonderful work, click on the link below.

Off The Chain Ministries

November 9th, 2021 : We were honored to have Daryl Townsend, his wife Missy and our brothers with their families from the Transition House visit us in Anthony. They truly edify and inspire us with their stories of change and growth in Christ.


As an added bonus, Robert M. ( A former member of the Transition House) preached an excellent sermon on being the “Salt of the Earth”

Transition House with Daryl and Missy Townsend 2019

March 2015: Daryl and Missy Townsend with our brothers in Christ at the Transition house and their families. 

 Transition House 01